Want a new look for your home? Are your walls chipping? Are you sick of the color you picked years ago, but don’t have the time or energy needed to get the job done? That’s where we come in. As residential and commercial painters, Vasquez Painting Company offers expert materials, work and customer satisfaction.

First, we take extra care in protecting your home. We make sure that all furniture and décor items are placed in the center of the room and covered so that belongings and flooring is protected from paint.

Next, we prepare the walls for paint. This includes filling any holes or cracks in the walls. Then, your walls are ready for paint. We prime any repaired areas and then roll on the premium paint of your choice. Lastly, we make sure that everything is cleaned up and looking its best before we walk off the job site, leaving you, 100% satisfied!

Painting is a great way to remodel. When you are looking for a new look, new paint is the cheapest way to provide you with a remodel and change the way you feel about your home or business. When you are in need of a refresh, our painting contractors are who to call! From prepping the drywall to finishing the job, we make sure that you are completely satisfied every step of the way. 

interior bedroom painted by Vasquez painting company